Sasha Luks-Morgan grew up in rural northeastern Pennsylvania with her 5 half-brothers and half-sister. She is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Utah. She moved to Utah in 2013 after completing her BA in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. As the daughter of a formerly undocumented immigrant, she has always been interested in politics because she knows the real life effects of good policy making. In her role as YDU President she is a member of the Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee. She is the secretary of the Young Democrats of America Association of Chartered Unit Presidents and the Treasurer of the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus.

Joel Skaria, Vice President



Autumn McKnite, Treasurer



Isaac became active in politics his sophomore year of high school, during the 2016 primaries. Realizing the impact that committed individuals can have on both the local, state, and national levels he began to get more involved. He was an organizer and co-founder for March For Our Lives Utah. Isaac works with numerous LGBTQ+ organizations throughout Salt Lake helping promote and build stronger communities across the valley. He is currently studying at the University of Utah majoring in Political Science and International Relations and minoring in Campaign Management and Peace & Conflict Studies.


The daughter of two Haitian immigrants, Angela is a Utah transplant originally from Southern Florida. She discovered her passion for politics by watching her mom become a U.S citizen during the 2008 presidential primary. While serving on the YDU board Angela is also the 2nd Vice Chair for the Salt Lake County Black Democrats. In her spare time, Angela enjoys watching her beloved L.A Clippers and reading books about race, politics and women empowerment. She never misses an opportunity to let people know Jimmy Carter is one of the most under-appreciated presidents of modern history. Angela also serves as the Treasurer of the Young Democrats of America Black Caucus.


Tyrell is the YDU National Committeeman, and also serves at the First Vice Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. He has been completely enthralled by politics and government since his early teens—somehow he ended up as the liberal black sheep in a conservative family. Having grown up in very rural Utah, followed by living in Salt Lake County for many years, he has a solid understanding of the unique political quirks of the Beehive State, and is excited to be able to work to get more Democrats elected. His previous political work includes serving as YDU Vice President, chairing the Salt Lake County Young Democrats, serving as Parliamentarian for the Salt Lake County Democrats, and working as a Field Organizer for the Utah Democratic Party. Professionally, his career has been in development and fundraising for nonprofits focusing on the social issues of hunger, homelessness, and addiction. He holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah. 


Kason is going on his third year on the Executive Board of YDU. He got involved after serving as an intern during the 2017 Utah Legislative session. He currently work as a Junior High Geography and Current Events teacher and is also a Real Estate Agent. He is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Utah. He is proud to be part of YDU and believes that Democrats look out for human rights.



A Utah native, Gavin Serr currently studies Accounting and Economics at the University of Utah. A former 2-time UHSAA state champion in debate, Gavin coaches speech and debate at Park City High School, where his students are some of the most successful in the state of Utah. Gavin is a turtle neck connoisseur who enjoys eating gelato and listening to punk rock. In his spare time, he can be found knitting, reading, and staring into the eyes of gay men.

Aubrie Miller, High School Caucus Chair

Aubrie is a high school sophomore who loves politics and history. She became involved in politics during the 2016 election, and in 2018 she became an ambassador for March For Our Lives Utah. During the midterm election season, she helped promote candidates endorsed by March For Our Lives, many of whom were elected into office. She is also the secretary for the Utah Technology Student Association, and has helped many middle school and high school aged students realize their leadership potential. Aubrie is fluent in Spanish, and translates documents for the ACLU so that immigrants can better understand their rights. In the future, she'd like to be a political correspondent, and eventually hold some form of office at the national level.

Non-Voting Members

Nick is a student of history and political science at the University of Utah hoping to make his voice heard in local politics. At the U, he devotes most of his time to the Hinckley Institute of Politics, through which promotes and encourages civic engagement. He has also had multiple internship experiences where he worked on participatory democracy related issues. He currently serves as the Chair of the Young Democrats of Salt Lake County Caucus, having previously served as their outreach director.


Colby Peterson is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student at Weber State University and current chair of the Weber County Young Democrats caucus. He recently finished a term serving as the Secretary for the Weber County Democrats, where he helped to elect the first Democrat from the county to the state legislature in nearly a decade. When he's not attending Weber State football or basketball games, he's hiking with his wife, Maddie, and their two children in the foothills of Ogden. Colby holds a BA in Middle East Studies/Arabic from Brigham Young University and a Master of Professional Communication (MPC) from Weber State University.

Events Director: Katie Adams-Anderton


Katie Lynn Adams-Anderton originates from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, or also known as Steel Valley. Being raised by an Italian- American, Steel Working, Father, Katie saw the benefits of the Democratic party fighting to protect the rights of immigrants and Union Workers. Katie became interested in politics in her freshman year of high school during the election of Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper in 2008. Katie worked tirelessly on Rep. Dahlkemper's campaign. In her free time, Katie helps adoptees find their biological families through DNA testing. She is also an avid reader of history, biographies, and other works of non-fiction. Katie lives with her husband in Orem, Utah.